About Us

Supplement Industry Professionals by day, gamers by night.

We were lucky enough to grow up in an age where we saw consoles like the Super Nintendo and PlayStation 1 evolve into these incredible tools which could quite literally let us escape reality. We spent our teenage years blowing off homework to just have that “1 more game” we all love so much and we could play for hours into the night without losing any focus. Sadly, as we grow older, life has a certain way of taking over which means when we get home we are never going to have the full focus we used to have when we were younger or 100% rested!

In the world of gaming you need to be the faster and more co-ordinated than every other guy or girl, every single game. I don’t know if you agree, but the standard of gaming is incredibly high nowadays, so we end up turning to energy drinks and sugar to keep our minds alert. These ultra-sugary canned drinks aren’t the best for our health and can get expensive when you're multiple cans a day.

Enter Kamikaze.

Muscle Rage have been in the supplement industry for six years, focusing on the highest quality ingredients at their optimum dosages for a variety of fitness goals. Unfortunately these products aren’t going to up your killstreak. BUT we realised there wasn’t a complete product that will help you boost your gaming performance… until now. Don’t stress, this is NOT a pre-workout product, or anything designed to be in the gym (Head over to Muscle Rage to learn more about our sports supplements). Kamikaze is a carefully formulated and tested competitive gaming supplement that will dramatically increase focus, awareness, memory and energy.

We're here to help improve your game. Every day. Every Tournament.