KAMIKAZE - Gaming Supplement


KAMIKAZE - Gaming Supplement

Kamikaze is so much more than just a gaming supplement. It's not about levelling up, it's about dominating the competition.

Kamikaze is a science backed, more effective, no sugar upgrade from canned energy drinks. Kamikaze is rammed with ingredients for energy and focus, maximising your performance.

Kamikaze is perfect for those competing in professional gaming, working professionals and those that just want to finally win on FIFA. Kamikaze is the true original product for improving mental performance.

Kamikaze is the winners choice.

What’s in Kamikaze?

Alpha GPC – 300mg

Alpha GPC aka Choline alphoscerate is the most bioavailable choline source. Which naturally occurs in brain tissue due to the phospholipid metabolism. At dosages of 100mg Alpha GPC has been shown to enhance concentration and learning ability. Kamikaze contains 300mg making it extremely effective at increase concentration.

L-Theanine – 200mg

L-Theanine is a stimulant found in tea which has a synergistic effect when coupled with caffeine to take enhance your attention ten fold. It is also shown to reduce the negative effects of caffeine such as anxiety and increased blood pressure.

Caffeine Anhydrous – 200mg

Caffeine is the most used stimulant on the planet. We have it at a higher, more effective dosage than Red Bull and Monster. Alongside L-theanine at a 1:1 ratio making it even more effective. Caffeine is able to enhance alertness and attention for long periods of time. 

Black Pepper Extract – 25mg

Black Pepper Extract helps your body absorb the other ingredients are use them as efficiently as possible. It was found that Black Pepper Extract enhance absorption of nutrients by at least 30 percent! 

Huperzine A – 200mcg

Huperzine A is a promising ingredient that at the right dosages may be used in the future to help treat Alzheimer’s disease. It is a naturally occurring acetylcholinesterase inhibitor that enhances mental intake and memory. 

How to take KAMIKAZE?

As a dietary supplement take 2 capsules 10-20 minutes before playing.